MUMU is a fashion brand established by three friends of three varying personalities and nationalities (Swedish, Italian and Polish). However with two things in common – love for women and a passion to create accessories as close to ideal as possible. MUMU means pursuit of perfection of style, cut, proportion, and colour. A perennial rise of standards in constant search of better materials and beautiful design. Our full grain or soft Italian leathers are hand picked by MUMU in order to guarantee the best “quality and feel” product from the world’s leading producers of leathers to our customers. MUMU is also a statement of an outstanding tradition of craftsmanship. We solely work with the most gifted artisans. Their know-how and unequalled skills ensure a perfect and sophisticated final result.




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Santa Croce Sull’Arno the motherland of leather
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8 December 2015

Santa Croce Sull’Arno is a small town in Tuscany, Italy, famous for its outstanding leather industry. That is where our story begins. Italians are recognized worldwide for their impeccable style and numerous high fashion brands, especially the ones manufacturing the finest leather goods in Europe. Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of or hasn’t desired a handbag or a pair of shoes with a mythical ‘made in Italy‘ label on it? We doubt it. So at the very beginning we headed for Italy, Marcello’s motherland, to find what we were looking for – beautiful, precious calf skins. You may wish to know that Marcello is one of the our brand owners. Santa Croce Sull’Arno is not easy to find. Not too big and peaceful, a town, which at first glance seems to be just like any other quiet place. However don’t let yourself be misled by appearances. There is a hidden treasure there. An enormous industry generations of Italian tanning craftsmen have run for decades. The industry which has its own huge heritage and prestige. If you are looking for ‘cheap but decent leather’, don’t come here. If you are looking for ‘fast and easy‘ don’t come here either. Santa Croce Sull’Arno is all about the best, the finest, the most desirable. The town‘s best tanneries  manufacture the finest leather for renowned Italian brands.   It’s good to be Italian here in case  you wish to pay a visit. At least mentally. That means you have to be patient, energetic, pay close attention to detail having one thing in mind: quality. At MUMU we follow such description, moreover we speak Italian as it sometimes is the key skill, if you want to do business with Italians. The most respectable tanneries produce their silky smooth calf skins, thick and soft full grain leathers or real saffiano leather with an indescribable dedication to keep their products on the top quality shelf. When reputation is at stake there’s no possibility to compromise. Every step of such a complicated process as tanning is supervised by expierenced craftsmen, who make sure the final product, your MUMU bag, is flawless. What’s interesting raw material (at least the best one) comes from outside Italy from coutries like Poland, France or Austria where living conditions for cattle are perfect with no signs of barbed wires or insects yet Italians are the ones who master the art of tanning. We are proud to say that due to a huge amount of time spent in Tuscany, long negotiations and common philosophy we won trust of the craftsmen of Santa Croce Sull’Arno and count ourselvess among their clients. Those efforts contribute to our mission and beliefs. MUMU was born to make fine leather goods of materials delivered by the best suppliers. From now on when you feel the smoothness of our leather or see the noble mellowness it gets with time, you will know where the quality comes from.

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